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This is a sort of follow up of the GIF set I made of Britches a few days ago.
For those of you who don’t know, Britches was a baby monkey who was stolen from his mother, and kept in a research lab at the University of California, Riverside, with a sonar device strapped to his head, and his eyes sown shut without anesthesia. The sonar device kept making a screeching sound, and this drove Britches insane. This was an experiment to study blindness.
The GIF you are seeing is Britches after being rescued by the ALF. The bitter ordeal he had to endure had scarred him more than just physically. He displayed neurotic behavior and had fits where he desperately clutched at his body. 
I think it’s very important that everyone see this. The experimenters don’t want you to know that any of this goes on. Infact, before Britches story came out, Dean Leland Shannon, Chairman of the UCR Animal care committee issued a statement saying ”All the research is painless to the animals…there is no pain whatsoever”.
Mr. Grant Mack, president of the American Council of the Blind (a blind man himself) was shocked at hearing about the experiment conducted on Britches, and felt the researches would be putting their time to better use if they were to “find out about blindness from blind people, from blind parents, from blind students. People who can articulate how they really feel, and how they react”.
Britches was lucky as he was rescued, but for thousands of other animals, the horror continues.

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